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German-English translation

Translation of blogs, websites, Facebook posts and Instagram captions and other social media channels

Price on request

English is omnipresent these days. Everyhing is bilingual and English words and phrases can be found everywhere in everyday life. Of course, also here on my website you can easily switch between English and German. Nowadays, to translate things, all you need is Google Translate and you have a more or less usable translation in your hand.

But everyone who writes texts themselves is aware of how much time can be spent thinking back and forth about word order and vocabulary because you want to find the best phrasing. You want to inform, educate or make others laugh with your texts. First and formost, you don't want to sound like a noob.


That's where I come in. We can work together, I can get to know you, your writing style and your sense of humor. If you want your texts to be reliably translated so that they sound beautiful, real and human, you've come to the right place.

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