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Tutoring for students

English tutoring from Kindergarten to Matura level and beyond

Individual lessons either in Heiligeneich

or online via Microsoft Teams

Individual lesson 60 minutes: €25

Being a teenager has always been stressful, but social media and high school certainly hasn't make it any easier. Everything is constantly changing and yet students are expected to cope with everything at the same time.

Unfortunately, there are many problems in life that I cannot help with, but there is one thing I can do: help you improve your English. I can help you to finally understand the grammar and all the differnet tenses. I can help you get more organized and together we can create a plan on how to get you through the semester. We practice speakinglisteningreading and language in use tasks and write heaps of texts, depending on what you need.

Especially in times of Corona, many students have knowledge gaps and there is no time at school to catch up on what has been missed. It's just expected that you already know everything. We can specifically target those areas where there are still deficits and you can approach the next test with confidence.



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