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Colibri Englisch

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What I offer

Would you like to be able to assert yourself better in discussions with international colleagues? Do you want to understand your English speaking customers better? We can individually practice and optimize everything from fluent speaking in everyday conversations to business emails.

School can be very stressful and sometimes you just need a little support to keep you going. We´ll work together and study on your terms and at your speed.

I teach English starting at Kindergarten level up to A-levels.

Do you want to run your blog, website or social media channel bilingually or do you already write it in German and English and want someone to proofread and correct mistakes?

We can work together closely and find the same tone of voice that make your German texts so unique.

Student Writing
Buch und Kaffee

About me


My name is Constanze Stökl-Reglesberger,

I was born in Graz, grew up in Tulln and have lived in Heiligeneich since 2019.

I spent many years abroad, including as an au pair in New York and as an Erasmus student in Aberdeen (Scotland) and then decided to turn my passion for English into a career.

I studied English and American Studies at the University of Vienna and graduated with a bachelor's degree. For a few years I worked as a translator and tutor at private tutoring institutes and at a Maturaschule in Vienna.


In 2019 I decided to realize my dream of self-employment. Since then I have been teaching students in Heiligeneich and online, doing translations and working with adults who are taking their Berufsreifeprüfung or want to improve their English for work.


Constanze Stökl-Regelsberger, BA

Wiener Landstrasse 11/6/2
3452 Heiligeneich

Appointments can be made by phone, whatsapp or email

+43 681 81409795

Thank you!

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